Fort Run Rural Fire & EMS Association Inc. proudly protects 1000 people living in an area of 17 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily rural area. We operate on channel 39.980 (Low Band). Our department is a private department whose members are on a volunteer status. The Fort Run Rural Fire & EMS Association Inc. was established in 1962 with a group of dedicated men who wanted to protect their community. They built a station and had one fire truck. The department has grown since then to a four bay station with two levels that houses 4 apparatus including two pumper tankers, one rescue/brush unit, and an ambulance. Our dedicated group of 40 men and women offer fire protection, fire prevention, BLS/ALS ambulance services, rescue & extrication, wildland fire suppression, hazmat, and search & rescue. We are located in Greene County in North Carolina. Lloyd Carter Jr is the Fire Chief. The department and it's members salute all those who dedicate their lives to helping others. Department Type: All Volunteer Services Provided: Firefighting Hazardous Material Response ALS Emergency Medical Service Vehicle Rescue (Extrication) Search & Rescue Number of Stations: 1 News Fire Chief Lloyd Carter Jr was selected as a 2003 NC Governors Award for Outstanding Volunteer receipient. He joins the Fire Department, Retired Chief Neil Johnson, Retired Chief Cornelius Johnson, Retired member Danny Johnson, and member Steve Gilbert who have won this award in the past. We recently had another recepient of the Governors Award for outstanding Volunteer and that member is Tim Byrd, Congrats Tim.
The Department is always looking for dedicated men and women in it's area to serve the department in fire, rescue and ems. We do not discriminate against gender, age, sex, race, or creed. We only ask that you be dedicated to the cause of helping others and working as a team to get this mission accomplished. For further information, contact the Chief, Lloyd Carter, Jr. at 252-747-4434 or at
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